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With Texas passing Constitutional Carry this year, there are going to be tons of people who will just now begin to consider carrying a firearm for protection. Maybe you don't think it is worth the time or trouble to get an LTC Permit but you know you still need SOME kind of training.

NETT will be filling that gap with some Pistol Fundamental and Proficiency Training Classes. We can cater to the individual who has never shot a gun before, or the one who has been shooting their whole life and just wants to sharpen their skills. 

Our "Next Step" class was designed for LTC students who get their license but realize the LTC course itself is seriously lacking in the way of implementation of your firearm should you actually have to use it. You do not have to have an LTC permit to take our "Next Step" courses. This will be exactly the training most new gun owners/carriers will be looking for anyway. 

If you do want some private 1-on-1 training so you can go at your own pace, we can do that too, and build you a customized training course to suit your needs. Just send us a message or give us a call to discuss it.