Take the course online, through us, whenever you want, at your own pace, and only come to the range for the shooting portion.


Take the online course only, no shooting. 


Online LTC renewal course.


Take the 6-hour class in person and qualify the same day.


​Already taken the course online, just need to qualify? 

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LTC courses are available online or in-person. If you choose to take it online, through us, at your own pace, you only need to come to the range for the shooting (demonstration) portion of the class. If you choose to take the entire course in-person, the classroom portion is held in Forney, while the shooting portion will be at the range in Terrell that afternoon.

​     The standard LTC course by itself does not cover many basic self-defense principles, like how to properly draw from a holster or purse and deploy your firearm. This is why we offer the Next Step LTC course.
Next Step LTC Training Course

     This course was designed specifically for LTC students who shoot their 50 rounds, pass the course and say "Now what?" This is where you will learn more advanced firearm handling skills and self-defense tactics should you ever have to use your pistol in a real-world scenario.

      The “Next Step License to Carry” Intro Class literally picks up where the LTC shooting qualification leaves off. Students are already at the range and often eager to learn something useful. This 2-hour block of instruction is an add-on course to your LTC qual. This beginner-friendly course teaches how to safely draw from a holster, introduces tactical and emergency reloading drills, refines grip, trigger control, and recoil management.  

Cost: $50

Duration: 2-hours (3:00-5:00pm)

Round Count: 50

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