North East Texas Tactical 


This club’s purpose is to safely promote the shooting sports while offering North Texas an experience like none other. NETT is a service-connected disabled veteran-owned and operated range that started by the need for a place near DFW to safely shoot long distance. It is a friendly atmosphere where shooters help shooters. This is a good opportunity to meet new people from across the metro-plex who share your same passions and interests. This is a private, members-only range and is for shooters who have at least a basic knowledge of ballistics and firearm handling skills. It is for both the hobbyist and the professional and will have plenty of targets to challenge both. Due to the unique layout and design of the range, each member will have to qualify and show a high level of competence before firing on the long-range. This is a no-nonsense rifle range for precision rifles. A Mosin Nagant or an AK with a "gun show special" scope will not cut it. 

We have almost 100 steel targets out to 1-Mile with more soon to come!

When the weather allows for it, we also have Target Cameras set up at the 1500yd and 1-Mile targets. The shooter simply logs in to the WiFi and can see their hits on their phone or tablet. 

​​The rifle range goes out to a mile with known distance targets at every 100yds.  Each target has its own backstop and offers some way of visual feedback when hit. The firing line is a 20' covered shooting tower. This greatly mitigates mirage and allows the shooter to see every target on the range from their shooting position. It is large enough to accommodate shooters and spotters/spectators. 

The 100-yard zero and tactical range also have an array of steel targets, as well as the Pistol bays 

We are listed here:

Texas's Premier Long Range Gun Club