North East Texas Tactical 

Next Step- License to Carry (Intro Course)

Cost: $50/ Person
Length: 2 hrs. (Approx. 3:00-5:00pm after the LTC range portion)

Round Count: 50

Prereqs: None

The “Next Step License to Carry” Class literally picks up where the LTC shooting qualification leaves off. It is an add-on course for LTC students and license holders. This beginner-friendly course teaches how to safely draw from a holster, introduces reloading drills, refines grip, trigger control, and recoil management.  

Next Step- License to Carry (level 2)

​Cost: $150
​Length: 4 Hours (1pm-5pm)
Round Count: 150

​Prereqs: Level 1

The Level 2 course picks up in the afternoon after the Level 1 course. In Level 2, students will learn advanced reloading and malfunction drills, ​multiple target drills, shooting while moving, as well as alternate shooting positions that may be encountered in everyday life, including shooting from a seated position in a  vehicle or a restaurant. Basic room-clearing CQB techniques are also introduced. Students will be introduced to scenario-based courses of fire that require a balance of speed and accuracy. 

Next Step- License to Carry (level 1)

​Cost: $150

​Length: 4 Hours (8am-12pm)

Round Count: 150

Prereqs: None

​The Level 1 course further builds on drawing from a holster or purse, presenting the firearm, pistol malfunction procedures and reloading drills, further refines grip, trigger control, and recoil management.  We introduce basic moving and multiple target drills while utilizing hard cover.


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